Transparent LED Film 丨 Transparent LED Display

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RTLED’s Transparent LED Film that does not block what is behind the screen. High brightness LED for visibility even against direct sun-light. LED fixed on strips to create transparency.

  • Weight: Less than 3.5kg/㎡
  • Size: 960x320mm/1200x320mm
  • Transparency: 60-80%
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC, LVD
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    flexible transparent LED screen application

    The Transparent LED Film of RTLED is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to the existing railing glass or window surface without any complicated additional steel structure.This makes the installation extremely convenient, does not require complicated construction, saves labor costs, and the wiring of power and signals is also very easy and can be hidden naturally. This is a great innovation to the glass. Adhesive LED Transparent Film adds a rich visual experience without having to renovate the glass space vigorously.

    adhesive transparent LED display

    Transparent LED Film

    Ultra-thin and Ultra-light

    Thickness 0.8-6mm Weight 1.5-3KG/m

    Bendable of Transparent LED Film

    The LED crystal film screen is highly flexible andcan be attached to glass/ walls with any curvature.

    adhesive LED transparent film screen
    the feature of flexible transparent LED screen

    High Permeability

    The transmittance can reach up to 95%, which does not affect daily lighting. You only need to gently stick the film screen on it, and then connect the signal and power supply.

    Outstanding Expandability and Flexibility

    The size and layout of the transparent LED film can be customized to fit into the installation area. It can be expanded by adding more films in a vertical or horizontal way, or cut in parallel with the bezel to meet size requirements.

    advantages of flexible transparent LED screen
    technology of flexible transparent LED screen

    Resume upload from breakpoint

    The light-emitting chip uses a micron-level light source and adoptsa four-in-one packaging method. There are no other electronic components except LED lamp beads. Transparent LED film adopting the solution of resuming transmission at breakpoints, if a single point is broken, it will not affect the normal display of other lamp beads.

    Apps And More Features

    Transparent LED film features wide viewing angle, 140° at each angle, no blind spots or color cast, every aspect is wonderful. Safe and beautiful, the screen does not have any components, the power supply is hidden,safe and reliable. With quick installation, simplicity, and speed, it can be directly adhered to glass surfaces.

    Application scenarios of flexible transparent LED screen

    Our Service

    11 Years Factory

    RTLED has 11 years LED display manufacturer experience, our products quality is stable and we sell LED display to customers directly with factory price.

    Free LOGO Print

    RTLED can free print LOGO on both LED display panel and packages, even if only buy 1 piece LED panel sample.

    3 Years Warranty

    We offer 3 years warranty for all LED displays, we can free repair or replace accessories during warranty period.

    Good After-Sale Service

    RTLED has a professional after sale team, we provide video and drawing instruction for installation and use, besides, we can guide you how to operate LED video wall by online.


    Q1, What scenarios is this transparent LED film suitable for?

    A1, Transparent LED film is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to shopping malls, exhibition displays, stage performances, commercials and outdoor events. Its transparency and flexible design allow it to seamlessly blend into various environments and provide unique visual effects.

    Q2, How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

    A2, Express such as DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT usually takes 3-7 working days to arrive. Air shipping and sea shipping are also optional, shipping time is depends on distance.

    Q3, How is the transparency of transparent LED film?

    A3, RTLED's flexible transparent LED screen has adjustable transparency that can be adjusted as needed. Typically, they provide a highly transparent display while retaining the high clarity and vibrant colors of LED screens.

    Q4, How flexibility is the transparent LED film?

    Transparent LED film has excellent flexibility and can be bent and folded as needed to accommodate a variety of irregular shapes and curved surfaces. This flexibility allows for greater freedom in design creativity and application.

    Q5, How is the visual effect of transparent LED film under different light conditions?

    The transparent LED film provide excellent visual effects in different light conditions. They have excellent brightness and contrast performance and are clearly visible even in bright outdoor environments. In addition, the RTLED display's advanced pixel technology ensures clarity and consistent color performance at all viewing angles.


    Transparent LED Film
    Density 3906 dot/㎡
    Display Thickness 3-6mm
    Module Size 960x320mm/1200x320mm 
    Weight less than 3.5kg/㎡
    Screen Transmittance >70%
    IP Rating better than IP45 
    Power Supply Requirements 220V±10%; AC50HZ, three-phase five-wire
    1500-5000cd/㎡, automatically adjusted
    Viewing Angle horizontal 160, vertical 140
    Grayscale ≥16(bit)
    Refresh Rate
    CE, RoHS
    Installation Method mounting, hoisting, fixed installation, supports cutting and bending to any size.
    Life Span 100,000 Hours


    flexible transparent LED screen for hall
    flexible transparent LED screen for exhibition
    flexible transparent LED screen for shopping mall
    flexible transparent LED screen for indoor advertising

    Because the RTLED transparent LED modules are lightweight and compact, it is highly flexible. Each LED module simply snaps into place, so you can vary the size of your transparent display screen based on the number of modules you add to your display. This makes the RTLED transparent LED film a perfect portable display for temporary venues such as trade shows or travelling theater or musical productions, as well temporary rentals and permanent installations.

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