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Taxi top LED display are easy to install, water-proof and dust-proof, energy saving and asynchronous control.These LED Displays provide double sided maintenance and a minimalist solution with a modular design that will integrate in any environment.

  • Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm/3.33mm/5mm
  • Panel Size: 960x320mm
  • Input Voltage: DC 12 V
  • Material: Matte acrylic sheet
  • Feature: Energy-saving
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    taxi top LED screen application

    Dynamic display of taxi LED display
    Taxi LED display can play advertisements in text, pictures, GIFs, and other formats to make advertisements more attractive. So it brings a strong impact and fully realizes the value of vehicle advertisements.
    Mobile broadcasting of taxi LED display
    The taxi line is not fixed, and the entry and exit locations include major business districts, commercial and financial districts, densely populated residential areas, stations, and other areas.

    Travel, home, business trip, and shopping all have the opportunity to be affected by high-frequency advertisements.

    High definition of our taxi LED display

    High Definition and High Brightness

    High brightness of 4500-5000nits make taxi LED display perfect performance even under sunshine.High definition support a wide viewing distance. LED screen can be still the natural and clear video displayin 2-50 meters away.

    Matte PC Cover

    RTLED taxi LED display is non-reflective evenunder strong sunlight with PC cover. So our LED display for advertising brightness won't be reduced like old versiontaxi LED display with acrylic board.

    PCB of taxi LED display
    waterproof of car top led advertising

    Waterproof IP65 of Taxi LED display

    With PC cover, RTLED taxi LED display waterproof grade is up to lP65, it can be used in strong rainy dayand snowy day.

    High Brightness for taxi LED display

    Different pixel pitch available: 2.5mm: 5000 nits, 3.33mm: 4500 nits and 5mm : 5500 nits.

    5500 nits for perfect vivid performance even under direct sunlight.

    taxi roof LED display
    double maintenance of taxi LED display

    Double Side LED Display

    The RTLED taxi LED display introduces a new level of flexibility and convenience to outdoor advertising. Now you can deliver the message to your audience in living color wherever they are.

    Taxi LED Display & Module

    LED Screen Size:960*320mm

    LED Module Size:320*320mm

    taxi LED screen
    connection of taxi LED display

    Multiple Control Optional

    Our taxi LED display support 4G/WlFl/GPS/U disk connect, convenient forcontroling with computer or mobile phone or ipad. We can provide our customer a control software for free.

    Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Our taxi LED display combines a modular design with different parts, so we can install it easily and perform maintenance quickly. You can also easily insert and remove the SIM card to change the control method.

    For the installation of displays, our roof LED display devices can be easily installed on different roofs by using roof racks. All installation & replacement could be done via screwdriver; no need professional device.

    installation of taxi LED display

    Our Service

    11 Years Factory

    RTLED has 11 years LED display manufacturer experience, our products quality is stable and we sell LED display to customers directly with factory price.

    Free LOGO Print

    RTLED can free print LOGO on both LED display panel and packages, even if only buy 1 piece taxi LED display panel sample.

    3 Years Warranty

    We offer 3 years warranty for all LED displays, we can free repair or replace accessories during warranty period.

    Good After-Sale Service

    RTLED has a professional after sale team, we provide video and drawing instruction for installation and use, besides, we can guide you how to operate LED video wall by online.


    Q1, Can I customize the content displayed on a taxi LED display?

    A1, Yes, taxi  LED display allow for customizable content. Moreover, advanced software will enable you to design and schedule campaigns based on your specific advertising goals.

    Q2, Are taxi LED display waterproof?

    A2, Yes, most taxi LED screens are waterproof, ensuring they can withstand various weather conditions.

    Q3, How long does it take to install a taxi LED display?

    A3, The installation time for taxi LED display can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the setup and the number of screens. Generally, it takes a few hours to complete the installation process

    Q4, Are there any restrictions on the content I can display?

    A4, Local regulations and advertising guidelines may restrict the content displayed on taxi LED display. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these regulations and ensure compliance.

    Q5, Can I use taxi LED display for non-commercial purposes?

    A5, Yes, you can use taxi LED display for non-commercial purposes such as public service announcements, community initiatives, or conveying important information to the public.


    P2.5 P3.33 P5
    Density 160,000 dots/㎡ 90,000 dots/㎡ 40,000 dots/㎡
    LED Type SMD1415 SMD1921 SMD1921
    Panel Size 960 x 320mm
    Frame Size 1106 x 408 x 141mm
    Case Material Aluminum
    Control Way 3G/4G/WIFI/USB
    Media Available
    Photo, EDA/CAD Models, Other
    Color Full color
    Function SDK
    4500-5000 nits
    Module size
    Panel Weight 7.5KG
    Max Power Comsumption 350W
    Input Voltage DC 12V
    CE, RoHS
    Application Outdoor
    Waterproof IP65
    Life Span 100,000 Hours

    How to Install Car Roof LED Screen


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    The Taxi LED display of RTLED can be fixed on the vehicle body or offloadable, but usually combined with the vehicle as a whole. taxi LED display can realize high definition and high quality picture display. The position can be adjusted and moved according to the requirements of the event, with high flexibility and convenience. Convenient in different locations and occasions for mobile display, covering a wider area.

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