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Stage LED Screen

A stage LED screen is essentially a large screen placed at the back of a stage that can play videos or show an image, basically acting as an adjustable background for the stage. Though only serving as a background, the use of stage LED screen has risen in popularity over the years regardless whether the venue is indoors or outdoors. Because of their overall cost-saving maintenance, their customizability, and the artistic tension they provide, more and more venue owners and artists have switched to using stage LED screen for their performances.

1.Stage LED Screen: What do I need to know?

Thanks to the high level of visual impact they generate, stage LED screen are particularly attractive among the various models on the market. Our stage LED screen can also be easily adapted to all possible uses, whether outdoor or indoor LED screens, as well as to all types of events that can take full advantage of all their benefits. The main goal is to give the audience a realistic visual experience. On the other hand, it is able to convey the desired message or information clearly and powerfully. Some of the events that can benefit from this technology are listed below: Concerts Charity events Conferences Sports events

2.Truss and Ground Support for LED Stage Panels

When it comes to what is necessary to set up a stage for this type of video wall, the first thing you need is a good truss and ground support. It can be staged in concert halls, theaters or outdoor stages. Stage LED screen are changing the entertainment industry. Stage LED screen  is a large screen placed at the back of the stage. It plays video, displays images and transmits information. Low maintenance. Fully customizable. Superior image quality It significantly enhances the viewing experience of the audience, stimulates their imagination and blends digital imaging with human performance. 13

3.What to consider when buying an stage LED screen?

The Importance of Weight: Considering the Size of the Installation Area Considering the dimensions of the installation area, it is best to select a fixture that can be moved or replaced without major inconvenience. Consideration should be given to the fact that it can be stored or moved in pieces or separately. This choice simplifies these tasks and reduces labor costs, resulting in a broader impact. Quality: Since this is a major investment, it is important to consider the quality of the materials used in manufacturing. Price of stage LED screen is largely determined by the characteristics of the type of screen selected and the company selling it. Some companies will provide a free quote so that the customer can make the best buying decision. Equipment: Determine whether the company provides support equipment or control systems for transportation, installation and commissioning. Taking these factors into account, the final cost can be calculated.