Mobile LED Screen

Mobile LED Screen

The Trailer/Truck LED Display provides the audience with easier access to digital advertising. Its capability to move from one place to another helps you expand your network and widen brand sensitivity. Also, it is rigid, waterproof, and has a long lifespan.
Our truck/trailer LED display is firmly mounted into the truck and can withstand sudden shakes or shocks. It has waterproof properties that make it valuable and functional even during weather conditionsWe offer customization of sizes and designs to best fit your truck or trailer for mobile advertising.

1.Does it function properly in different environments, such as severe weather conditions?

RTLED mobile LED screen are designed with high-quality LED displays and stable structures to ensure that they provide reliable performance in a variety of environments. Our products undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure durability and stability. Meanwhile, our mobile LED screen are designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and windproof, making them adaptable to a variety of harsh weather conditions. 6

2.How to choose the best mobile LED screen for your needs?

1.Determine the purpose of the mobile LED screen and consider factors such as screen size, resolution, brightness and viewing distance according to the occasion and manner of planned use. 2.Check the image quality and resolution of the LED screen and consider the brightness level of the screen. Choose a mobile LED screen with high resolution and high brightness to ensure that mobile LED screen is clearly visible in all lighting conditions. 3.Look for mobile LED screen that are easy to set up, operate and maintain, and consider connectivity options such as HDMI, USB and wireless connections for seamless integration with devices and content sources. 4.You need to research the manufacturer's reputation for product quality and customer support, and look for warranty and after-sales service options to ensure help and peace of mind in the event of a problem. Read reviews and seek recommendations from other users or industry professionals to assess the reliability and performance of LED screens. All of the above have been thoroughly researched by RTLED so that you can choose the best mobile LED screen that best suits your specific needs and provides the best performance for your application at RTLED.

3.Why choose RTLED as LED display manufacturer?

1. High quality products RTLED is a commercial display supplier located in Shenzhen, China. We provide various types of displays for domestic and international customers. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing LED displays, including mobile LED displays/outdoor/floor LED displays, transparent LED displays and more. Compared with other LED displays in the market, our products feature low pixel pitch, high brightness and low power consumption.RTLED specializes in customized visual LED displays, which is our main product. Since our inception, we have accumulated extensive experience in designing, developing and manufacturing LED displays for many high-end customers. 2. Services Our team is always at your service: we offer you complementary solutions and services to help you use your screens. Supporting your brand image is our top priority. Our competent and responsive team will meet your expectations and bring your project to life. 3.Warranty We guarantee our materials and workmanship. Our commitment is to make you happy with our products. Warranty or not, our company culture is to solve all customer problems and make everyone happy. 7