Rental LED Display

Rental LED Display - Maximizing Your Venue Impact

RTLED is a global-leading rental LED display manufacturer, we offer high-quality, highly stable rental LED screens with ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin thickness, excellent performance, seamless splicing, and more. From indoor to outdoor, or pixel pitch P1.86 to P10, We always have a perfect product to meet your need.
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Rental LED display are a temporary solution for various events such as trade shows, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, weddings, and other occasions requiring temporary displays. They are designed to be lightweight, easy to install and dismantle, and with high resolution, making them suitable for rental purposes. Typically comprised of small LED modules assembled into large LED screen, rental LED displays offer a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient means of communicating messages to a large audience. Available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, Rental LED displays can be customized to meet specific requirements.  

1. At What Point Would You Require Rental LED Displays?

  1. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Rental LED display are essential for businesses looking to stand out and attract visitors at trade shows and exhibitions. These displays can showcase products, services, and brand messages effectively in a dynamic and attention-grabbing manner.
  2. Concerts and Live Events: Rental LED displays provide immersive visual experiences for concert-goers and audiences at live events. They enhance the atmosphere, display performers, and engage the crowd with vibrant visuals and dynamic content.
  3. Corporate Events and Conferences: In corporate settings, rental LED displays are often used for presentations, product launches, and corporate gatherings. They offer high-quality visuals, making presentations more impactful and engaging, and ensuring that important messages are effectively communicated to attendees.
  4. Weddings and Special Occasions: Rental LED displays and other LED display can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to weddings and special events. They can be used to display photos, videos, and personalized messages, creating memorable experiences for guests and adding to the overall ambiance of the occasion.
  5. Advertising Campaigns and Promotional Events: Businesses often use rental LED displays for advertising campaigns and promotional events to grab the attention of potential customers. These displays can be placed in high-traffic areas to showcase products, promotions, and brand messages in a visually compelling way.

2.What factors determine the cost of Rental LED Display Screens?

  1. Size and Resolution: The price of rental LED display screens tends to increase with larger sizes and higher resolutions, as these require more materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.
  2. Pixel Pitch: A smaller pixel pitch, which corresponds to higher resolution, often results in a higher price due to the improved image quality, especially noticeable at close viewing distances.
  3. Technology and Quality: The pricing of rental LED display screens is heavily influenced by the quality of the LED chips, manufacturing processes, and overall build quality. Higher-quality components and construction typically command a higher price.
  4. Brightness and Viewing Angle: Rental LED displays with higher brightness levels and wider viewing angles often come with a premium price tag due to the utilization of more advanced technology and materials.


  • Question:What are the features of your rental LED display?
RTLED rental LED displays feature high brightness, high contrast, high refresh rate, and wide viewing angles. They are manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure stability, reliability, and excellent display performance.
  • Question: What after-sales services do you provide for your products?
We offer comprehensive after-sales services, including technical support, maintenance, and training. With a professional after-sales team, we can respond to customer needs promptly and ensure the normal operation of our products.
  • Question: What is the lifespan of your rental LED display?
Our rental LED display use high-quality LED chips and reliable driving circuits, with a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Moreover, our products undergo rigorous quality control and stability tests to ensure long-term stable operation.
  • Question: Can your rental LED display be customized?
  Yes, we can customize our LED rental display according to customer requirements, including size, pixel density, appearance design, etc. With a professional R&D team and production process, we can provide personalized customization services to meet the special needs of customers.